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to the website
of fashion designer Stanka Blatnik Blagotinšek, MA,
the creator of
Miss Universe Slovenia 2011 National Costume, the double winner
f Miss Slovenia
Best Dress Award
and the designer
winning Femme Fatale
2008 creation.
Maja Šimec and Tina Zajc

wore her creations at the

Miss World Pageant spectacle in Seychelles and in China, in the years
1997 and 2003.

The Miss Universe Slovenia 2007 creation, made of glass, which received the regional Gold Innovation Award of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, traveled in the Slovenian representative's and the beautiest European Tjaša Kokalj's suitcase to the world pageant in Mexico. Four years later, at National Evening of Miss Universe pre-selection
in Brasil, Ema Jagodič represented Slovenia
in SB creation.
Independent designer is also the author of
Wine Queen of Slovenia
2007 and
Dairy Queen of Slovenia
2008 and 2011 dresses.
The authorial collection with Idrija Lace
she presented
in the years 2011-2012
in Idrija, Slovenj Gradec, Ljubljana, Maribor, Milan, Sarajevo and London.



















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