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Her creations are characterized by originality, functionalism, flawless design, great sense for details and harmony between the form, the pattern and the material she uses. The harmony between the nature and the person is distinctly noticeable in her works. They portray a high consciosness and responsibility of the designer to achieve the highest possible goals in the sense of quality design and perfection.
Stanislava Blatnik proved herself throughout her studies as an exceptionally talented and creative student with great mettle and heightened sensitivity. Currently she represents one of the most talented and promising fashion designers in Slovenia.

Prof. Darko Slavec,
academic painter specialist and graphic artist specialist

(from the expert recommendation
for the acquisition
of independent designer of fashion
clothing and accessories status,
Ljubljana, 2000)

2010 - 2006

2005 - 1996


Photo: Aljoša Rebolj, 2008
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, 2010


Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Report on self-employment in cultural sector

Artistic Creation

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Report on independent artists in cultural sector
Creation of Cultural Values
Designer of Fashion Clothing and Accessories

University of Ljubljana
Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Design Theory
Master of Design Theory

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Textiles and Clothing Design
Bachelor of Textiles and Clothing Design

Secondary School of Textiles Maribor
Textilewear technology
Textilewear tehnician

Designer from Slovenj Gradec is one of the most prominent Slovenian fashion names. Well over a decade she has been creating dresses worn by the biggest Slovenian stars.
For Stanka, the greatest challenge in fashion is combining incompatible. This is also the guiding principle behind her design of dresses for miss, femme fatale, and other occasions. Her dresses are breathtaking, they have won her many awards.

Andreja Comino,

Article "Stanka Blatnik's creation wins!"
(at the Femme Fatale 2008 winning creation announcement, Lady magazine, 2009)



Photo: Borut Cvetko, 2007
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, 2006





The reason I consider Stanka a great designer is that she is very personal and wants to get to know you, so she can then shape an idea about you, what kind of a dress would suit you, and what you like.

Mateja Jamnik,
Scientist, nominee for the 2008 Slovenian Woman of the Year

"Interesting Slovenians’ Ideas for New Year Gifts" publication
(Preface to the selection, Petra Slapar, "Dom in stil" web portal, 2010)


Her persistence and search for new challenges are not exhibited only in fashion, but also in her passion for traveling, even when that means driving for thousands of kilometers in Australia, Tasmania or New Zealand, or climbing the summits of Nepal or Peru. During these travels her camera captures precious small traveller details. It is this great sense for subtle details that makes her exceptional and unique creations so special

Maja Čebulj,
professor of pedagogy and sociology, publicist

Article entitled "In Fashion You Need to be One Step in Front of Everyone Else”
(Portrait of the designer in the Bonbon supplement to Večer and Primorske Novice magazines, fashion edition, 2010)


Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, 1997

She is an important citizen. Her work is good for artistic impression, the profession and brings a new, original creativity, not only because she creates here. Her fashion shows are mandatory character of Koroška Cultural Summer, she produces a pulse for the city of youth. Personally, I am proud and happy to find such a soul in our city. Rating: Excellent!

Matjaž Zanoškar,
Mayor of municipality of Slovenj Gradec

Article "She never draws ideas from the work of other"
(rating for a portrait of the designer, Karin Potočnik, Večer magazine, 2007)


Fashion performance in the fully crowded auditorium of manor Rotenturn, organized by fashion designer Stanka Blatnik, MA, with guests, was unprecedented. Such event has not been witnesed in Koroška yet and for this record there was nothing to choose or compare it with. Stanka Blatnik, who has won the contest of Slovenian designers for Miss Slovenia twice, this time cleverly used the organizational skills and also presented a broad range of her creativity. There were more than forty performers, and more visitors than at the Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra concert.

Blaž Prapotnik,
graphic editor, publicist

»Private collection of cultural events in Koroška«
(about the independent performance with guests at manor Rotenturn, Klub Korošcev Ljubljana bulletin, 2003)

She has courageously crossed the line between fashion and design, which wants to be more than just a trendy way - a modus - how and what to wear.
It was a visual experience of the aesthetics of theatrical performance in terms of performance and choreography solutions. Textiles have become the second skin of young bodies, they transformed into living tissue and in front of us and we experienced the myth of nymph Daphne, who is turning into a tree. In all other aspects, the performance seemed to be full of baroque, yet subtle and fragile like the famous Bernini sculpture (Apolon and Daphne, 1621) from the precious white marble. As the sculptor was able to portray the unrest of a scared stone nymph, also Stanka Blatnik captured the beating bodies and the fabric "skin".
Stanka Blatnik’s performance was not an experience of fancy or unique design –  it was more. It was an artistic event, worth the room where we encounter art.

Milena Zlatar,
art historian

"Performance - an artistic event"
(about the independent performance at Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts, Odsevanja magazine, 1999)


Photo: Mojca Janželj, 1999




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