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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't have a fully developed idea about the clothing I want. May I come to the first meeting without a specific idea?

CERTAINLY. You will discuss the model, colors, materials, and their best combination with the creator while looking at the existing models and photos.

I have a non-standard figure. Can I still have a custom-tailed dress made?

That's ANOTHER REASON to have your SB creation. The custom-made model will perfectly fit to your figure and emphasize the womanly features.

How long does it take for the clothing to be finished?

THE DEADLINE to deliver your order in the season of proms and weddings is one month before the event. The deadlines out of the season are shorter - from a week onwards.

How many times are the measurements for the clothing taken before it is finished?

USUALLY it only takes one measurement. When the clothing is finalized, an additional final measurement may be taken.

I live in Ljubljana and Slovenj Gradec is rather far away. Is it possible to meet Ljubljana?

YES, IT IS. If there is enough time, it is possible to arrange a meeting or a measurement in Ahotel in Ljubljana.

I'm very busy with my job. Is it possible to express my wishes over the telephone and have one measurement, and than receive the finalized clothing by post?

IT IS POSSIBLE, especially if you are a regular customer. However, even with one-time new orders it is becoming a regular practice to send the measurements via e-mail (photos that show your figure are an obligatory attachment), followed by a trial and, finally, reception via regular post services with any necessary corrections possible.

Are any finalized clothes available for purchase?

SOME of the exhibited clothes in the atelier are up for sale.

Is it possible to loan a dress?

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. The clothes are designed and created individually according to one's figure and upon order.

Is it possible to order a clothing made of the materials I bring with me?

It is possible, IF the properties of materials suit the creation of desired model.

I find it hard to express my wishes. Is it possible to order a dress from a photo?

TO SOME EXTENT. Usually, a compromise between the available materials, desired model and design is reached during the consultancy meeting.

Is it possible to get only the sketch or the cut?

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. The sketch, the cut and the process of creation are indivisible parts of one process.

How much does a dress cost?

THE PRICES of clothes depend on the used materials and the pretentiousness of design. There are three different price ranges. Less pretentious clothes and dresses are available for moderate prices, which are comparable with the prices of ready-made clothes.

How much does the consultancy cost?

The expert consultancy is free of charge UPON ORDER of a new clothing. The price of expert consultancy is 40 € and represents the prepayment for the product. It is fully deducted from the final price of the clothing.

Is it possible to state an amount I intend to spend for clothing and get the feedback on which model can be expected in that range?


I would like to give a gift certificate to a friend, but I don't want to state the amount on the gift certificate. Is there another way?

THERE IS. The gift certificate will contain a type of clothing (or a "Personal fashion consultancy") and you will receive a receipt for the original amount of money.





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