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Photostory AUSTRALIA

Melbourne - Coober Pedy - Yulara - Alice Springs - Brisbane - Sydney / January - February 2001


Twelve Apostles - coastal abrasive relief with cliffs, Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Australia, January 2001


In company of good (too)old Ford Falcon - 6 weeks, 8500 kilometers

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Breathtaking mornings of vast expanses


Pedestrians with regulations of their own


Aussie - the vast land of birds


Overcoming the idleness crisis in the wine-producing Mildura - in a region righteously named Sunraysia, where the workday ends when the temperature rises above 45 degrees Celsius

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On the way to the desert - a mining town with rich opal deposits - Coober Pedy
(Opal Capital of the World)

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"The Catacomb Church" - a catholic church in a shaft of an abandoned mine,
where the resident dwellings also seek shelter from high temperatures


A roomate in the underground camp


Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Aboriginal holy mountain


348 meters above the sandy ravine with the circumference of 9,4 kilometres, Uluru towers as the world's largest monolith - full of springs, waterholes, caves and ancient aboriginal cave paintings

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The red limestone inselberg is a remnant of erosion processes,
two thirds of the bulk are hidden below the ground


Aboriginals can be blondes as well
- 50 000 years after the settlement of their ancestors on the continent


On the long way across the desert granite inselbergs are the best company


"The Alice" at the heart of the land

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Anywhere is "a bit" far


Road trains - road tractors with trailers can measure up to 50 meters in length


Devils Marbles - 1,7 billion years old granite formations

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Close encounter - "UnderWater World", Sunshine Coast

UnderWater World


Creation of Her Majesty the Nature;
- all the "leaves" are a part of seahorse's relative - the protected Sea Dragon


Female of the Australian most typical vertebrate with offspring

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A modern version made of car parts is a great Brisbane attraction

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Big little sleepyheads

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Metropolis of Australia

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Sydney Opera - one of the most famous buildings of the 20th century

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A very friendly invitation at the Royal Botanic Gardens -
in accordance with the friendliness and the generosity of the whole land



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