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Photostory THAILAND

Bangkok - Ko Chang - Chiang Mai / October 2000 - March 2001


The beginning of a five-month journey with the landing in Bangkok
Thailand, October 2000


The city of striking contrasts

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Buddhism teaches that the present life is determined by the previous one
- with the continuity of consicence

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In a unique mixture of smog and humidity vitamines come in handy


Thai fellow tailor - also a (rather) free artist

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Thailand for the second time - rehabilitation after the return from the Himalayas
Ko Chang (Elephant Island), Gulf of Thailand, December 2000

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Finally on our own - a tropical apartment in paradise


Straight from the tree - however, more nutritius than tasty


Lying on a sandy beach under palm trees in company of sun rays and corals


Thailand for the third time - going North
Chiang Mai, March 2001


One of countless representations of the great teacher of enlightment

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Naga - the guardian of treasures, springs, rivers and lakes,
Hindu symbol of fertility, fecundity and wealth


Extraction of silk thread by heating the silkworm cocoons


Manual stretching of the warp across the wooden loom


Inserting the silk weft among the warp is a domain of men in some places


Hand-carved "one piece artefact"


Night Market in Chiang Mai


Elephant traveling - an experience requiring time and balance


On the journey through the villages local people (for money) dance around the fire


The smile is, like all the best things in life - free of charge


The colors and patterns of the cloth women wear clearly state their class


Original homeland of poppy, the symbol of fertility, sleep, dreams and death
- opium is extracted in the form of milky substance from the poppy heads
followed by heating and fermentation


A representative of "Akha People" tribe

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Descent into the valley on a bamboo raft



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