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Photostory NEW ZEALAND

Auckland - Coromandel - Rotorua - Tongariro - Taranaki - Cape Reinga / February - March 2001


Across the land of volcanos -
beginning with the 60,000 years dormant sleeping Mount Eden above Auckland
New Zealand, February 2001


The World from another perspective

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Auckland's Sky Tower at night

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"Chatedral Cove" - Te Wanganui-A-Hei, Coromandel

More ... about Cathedral Cove




Ta moko - traditional Maori tatoo

More ... about Maori


The land of active volcanos, geysers,
thermal springs and lively "rumblers" of sulphuric mud


Active geothermal area with a picturesque name - "Craters of the moon"

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Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are - a talk with a roadside statue


A view of Tauranga from an extint volcano Mauao (Mount Maunganui), Bay of Plenty

More ... about Mt. Manganui


New morning


Natural carpet of white moss - trek in Tongariro National Park

More ... about Tongariro


Emerald Lakes - out of thick fog
into an unexpectedly unveiled scene right before the planned return to the valley


100% Pure New Zealand - destination trademark which shows promise


(Another) trek into "The Land of The Long White Cloud" - this time above them


Mount Taranaki (Mt. Egmond), 2518 m a.s.l.

More ... about the dormant volcano


Ascent on the volcanic formation


View of the other side- this time (again) of the clouds,
from Mt. Egmond - volcanic peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the sea


Sand Cakes?


White Cliffs, Taranaki - the walk along the beach must be carefully timed,
otherwise it might lose its charm because of the (too) high tide


A crossbreed between a snail and a soap bubble.?.


New living medium - with a meaningful "veggie" message (don't eat me)


Maori canoe (Waka), Northland Region

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Bay of Islands - 11278 miles to London,
a shortcut throught the Earth takes "only" 7833 miles

More ... about Bay of Islands


Cape Reinga - the most nothern spot of New Zealand



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